Rakasta 01

A race of tribal cat people, the rakasta live in harmony with nature and the spirits of the world. Rakastan culture is unique, somewhat mystical, and also places an emphasis on battle and honor. Rakastas are known to be some of the most efficient soldiers and warriors in all of the civilised lands.

Personality: Rakastas are a proud and emotional race. They are renowned for their quickness to anger if they feel that they have been wronged or insulted and for their great tenacity and bravery in battle. They also place a great value in honour and reputation. Rakastas seek to prove their own valour and skill in combat. They are extremely interested in the world at large and this translates into a wanderlust that demands they explore and experience all things for themselves.

Physical Description: Rakastas stand about 5 1/2 feet tall and usually weight about 130 pounds. They look like a furry human with the head of a cat. Their short fur is usually soft and ranges in colour from light tan to dark brown, to black. There are forest rakasta (tan, tawny fur, green or blue eyes) panther rakasta (black fur, green or blue eyes) and tiger rakasta (orange or rarely white fur, striped with dark brown or black, and green or black eyes) The most common type of rakasta known to live in Alyndrica is the forest rakasta. Tales of panther rakasta clans in the Anguis Imperium have been heard. Rakasta can be of any alignment, normally neutral or good, with the tiger rakasta said to be neutral evil.

Rakastas wear elaborate armour and use stylised weapons, but otherwise wear simple featureless clothing when not in battle. Rakastas reach the age of majority at 15 and live for just over a century.

They have a feudal style of government mixed with their ancient ways, warrior traditions, and mystical predilection. Their architecture is elegant and ornate with light buildings, mostly made of wood. Their smiths are famous for the intricate and detailed tools, weapons, and armours they make. They are not miners so they rely heavily on ore trade between themselves and other nations in order to maintain a quality of life they demand.

Adventurers: With combat being important to them, most young rakastas will expect to spend some time training to be warriors. Others will travel in the pursuit of knowledge, and new fighting techniques. Some rakastas adventure due to owing a debt of honour to someone or seeking vengeance for a wrong that has been committed against them.


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