Legends of Acheron


The world of Gaia was a pastoral world ruled by the Immortal Dragons, caretakers of the natural world, and maintainers of the balance. Then the race of humans came to Gaia, fleeing an unknown evil. They brought with them the Sovereign Host, the angels of Light. Humans spread across the land, in some cases displacing the local population.

Today the Dragon Faith is in decline, while the faith of the humans is on the rise. Some call this the natural order. Some humans, living among the wilderness, have taken to the nature worship of the Dragons, forsaking the way of the angels.

The world is mostly filled with lands and kingdoms of a medieval nature. The campaign starts in the Kingdom of the Gryphon, a land surrounded by wilderness on all sides, a safe haven for travelers from one part of the world to another. Gryphon is mainly populated by humans, but as it sits on the borderlands of the unknown, there are other inhabitants of all types.

Across a wide desert of rocky wasteland to the north of Dalmasca (the capital of Gryphon) is rumored to be a large city of humans, and a center of worship for the Sovereign Host. To the south of Dalmasca, beyond a range of mountains, lies a unexplored jungle. To the east and west of Dalmasca features the Silver River, and many forests and clusters of green, yet rocky hills line its banks. Many travelers claim that heading east along the river, although dangerous, eventually leads to the coast, and the Azure Ocean.

Legends of Acheron

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