Legends of Acheron

The Death of Archimedes

Main Adventure Arc
Created: December 08, 2014

The next morning dawned without the rain, surely a positive indicator of things to come.

Breakfast was prepared and laid out. Time passed, and both Rhiannon and Xalazar noticed that Archimedes had not come down for breakfast as usual, nor had his owl been seen moving around. During the morning before breakfast, Xalazar noticed tracks in the mud around the tower, as if some visitor had arrived, but chosen not to enter after all.

Xalasar seats himself, and starts piling his plate with sausage, eggs, fresh bread with butter, fruits and cheese. “A good morning to you Rhiannon.Have you any inkling as to what the wizard might be about? I noticed some tracks winding round the tower,maybe nothing but better to keep an eye out rather than have one put out.Pass the milk will you?”

Rhiannon passed the milk with one hand, the other absentmindedly petting Meg (her cat). “No, I’m not sure where he is. He has a tendency to get lost in a project or a tome, but not when he has the desire to travel.” She took a drink from cup, then paused. “Around the tower, you said? Master had said that he was feeling something on the winds. I’ll knock on his door, see if he’s just traveling the dreaming lands.” With that, Rhiannon made her way up to Archimede’s quarters to knock on the door.

Xalazar finished his breakfast in silence and cleared his plates. With Rhiannon checking on Archimedes, Xalasar decides to gear up and head outside for a second look at those prints. They are probably nothing, but at worst he’ll get some fresh air and exercise so it won’t be a waste of time.

Rhiannon made her way to the top of the tower where Archimedes kept his private library and bedroom. Knocking on the door to the bedroom, she noticed it was slightly open. Looking in further, the bedroom seemed to be in a terrible disarray, and there was blood on the rug. Like there had been a brief struggle and a fight. Near the window, there appeared to be muddy tracks coming in onto the window sill.

Xalazar re-inspected the footprints around the exterior of the tower. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the foot? prints went straight up the side of the tower. There was also a set coming down. Xalasar looked up the tower trying to determine how far up the footprints went or if they entered at a certain floor.

Sivar also inspected the side of the tower. Between the two of them Sivar and Xalasar managed to determine that the footprints went all the way to the top, near Archimedes’ window. It also became apparent that there were two sets of footprints, both of which had traveled up the tower and back down.

Sivar looked to see if he can determine which way the tracks head away from the tower. It was easily apparent for Sivar to tell where the tracks headed away from the tower. They proceeded immediately from the base of the tower, through the small courtyard, and to the gate. Once past the gate, however, the tracks faded away onto the various stone streets. One thing was discernible however, the tracks had initially headed towards the “affluent” side of town, as opposed to the poor side, where one might have supposed those of nefarious dealings would have gone.

“Rhianon went to check on Archimedes, we should tell her of this and see if she’s found anything amiss with the wizard.” Xalasar dashed up the tower to Archimedes chambers, where he noted the mess and the blood on the rug. “Rhianon, are you alright? where’s Archimedes?” Xalasar told her what he and Sivar had found outside.

Sivar followed Xalasar to talk to Rhianon. He stopped and examined the area where the bloodied rug was to see if he can find any more clues.


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